Challenges Battles

One should be happy to face the daily challenges of life as they are the ones that prepare you to tackle the greater battles with ease.

Simple Happy Simpler Sad

It is simple to be happy but unfortunately simpler to be sad. Let us not fall for the simpler option and choose to be happy :)


Visionaries Quotes Twitter

Such were the visionaries of yesterday, that they wrote quotes they knew would fit in the 140 characters of twitter today.


Cross Finish Line

We are all running a race where nobody ever crosses the finishing line. The more we run, the farther we take away that line. So why run so much? Better create smaller milestones and be happy in achieving them :)


Rain Status

We are in that age when if you are sitting inside an enclosed room, it is your friend's updates and not the weather outside that tells you if its raining.


Of Virus and Friends

The problems in our life are like the virus in our computers, to delete it we must take help of the anti virus, our friends. And just in case the system crashes down, then we always have the boot CD, our family to start from scratch.


Valuing people

Value people who value you and don't keep running after those who don't. There's a good chance of only good things happening to you if you follow this route. If you don't, then don't worry, you'll come back to valuing the right people after having learnt an important lesson. Coz Whatever happens, happens for something good!



When it rains, enjoy the rains, don't think about the hot weather before or the humid conditions afterwards. Thats the key to feeling good, live in the present, don't think about the past and never worry about the future. Get happiness :)


Life and scratches

Life is like a car. You may not want it to get scratches and be bruised, but somebody else may do that to it. Gotta live with it, gotta accept life :) Whatever happens, happens for something good :)



Just like after a hard week's work we have a weekend to help unwind, life also gives us the right breaks as and when they are meant to be. While you may argue you've not had one for long, you must realise that not all weekends are just as good and not all weekdays bad.